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Well we finally did it. We shed the super long name that nobody could remember, spell, or pronounce. Our new name is Warp and our website is www.WarpHD.com. The change has taken us almost two months to complete, but it was time well spent. We still have a few odds and ends to clean up but that will be taken care of soon.

With the name change came a lot of other changes. Like entirely new pricing plans with 30 day free trials on all accounts. Our plans start at $19.00 per month, making us officially the most inexpensive video platform on the web, by far. We also have an entirely new video management console, it’s a massive improvement over the old one and we still have a lot of features planned!

Also, as of this writing we have just over 9,000 websites signed up with us and growing daily! This is pretty exciting for us, but we’re holding the celebration until the 10,000 mark. 10,000 sounds better.

So check out the new Warp Video Platform on our new website at www.WarpHD.com.

Let’s kick the blog off with a brief overview of who we are, what we’re doing, and how we got here…

Warp is a white label video platform that provides video conversion, hosting, and streaming services. Since day 1, Warp’s goal has been to provide an extremely scalable and affordable way for people to host and stream their media. We made this possible by designing our architecture from the ground up based on a cloud hosted environment (Amazon EC2).  Leveraging this, we’ve made our platform automatically start new servers on the fly to scale to any load on an as needed basis and shut down when no longer being used. This completely removes the need to be continually running just-in-case servers during off peak times or to be overly prepared for growth.  Effectively bringing our server costs down to almost exactly what we’re using with no waste. This efficient design coupled with our debt free, self-funded balance sheet, allows us to be by far the least expensive commercial video platform.

Warp was started in December of 2007 by our team of five. We’ll be publishing our bios on the new website soon. Here is a time-line of our progress:

4/08: Initial plans worked out and project started. Serious work time begins, no fun allowed.

8/08: Initial website launched, beta launch of our API (without documentation), and a beta launch of JVideo! — a Joomla Component which uses our API.

9/08: Over 1,000 websites using our beta. Greatly exceeding our modest expectations for a product, which in our minds, was not release ready.

9/08: Even though we are giving away a completely free beta version of our system with few limitations, we sell enough of our $99.00 plan to have our revenue slightly exceed the couple thousand per month in business expenses. Our $99.00 branded player plan being several hundred per month cheaper than our next competitor seems to be the root cause.

9/08-4/09: Fixing bugs, making incremental improvements to our current system, and working on our final 1.0 release version.

5/09: Over 7,000 websites using us. Revenue still exceeding expenses (About 40 paying customers), regardless of the fact that we still give away a mostly limitless free version.

9/09: Launch is nearing….New smaller, faster, skinnable Flash Player…Check. Super kickass industry shaking pricing structure…Check. Completely new dashboard with analytics and tons of new features…Almost Checked. New website, our first press release, lots of other stuff…Almost Checked!

10/09: We decide to change our name to Warp (warphd.com) from Infinovision before our first official launch.

11/09: Warp launches blog….Oh hey that’s this.

We’ll be publishing a product road map soon that will show what we’re working on and where we’re headed. So stay tuned!